Founder's Vision

Following the prescient values of our Founder, Shri. K. Sivalingam Mudaliyar, we strive to deliver the best quality antique jewellery and more modern jewellery collections. With a modest start, he began Sree Thangam Jewellery which quickly grew into a thriving business. With his blessings, we inspire to foresee and craft immaculate gold and diamond jewellery that embellish women even more.

Elegance at every cut


TJ for every occasion


Luxurious Antiquity at point


Gold jewellery exudes love, elegance, and glitz. Even the smallest piece of gold jewellery can make a stylish look. Our Antique Necklaces are well-designed as each piece’s detailing and patterns are spellbinding and flawless, demonstrating the excellence and talent of the artisans of the time. Our antique and vintage gold collections are the ones you will need to stay in style and within your budget to make a lasting impression on you.

A Golden Harvest

Gold Saving Scheme

Gold Virksham

No making and wastage charges for Gold. Yes, you heard it right, no pay in this plan. This 12-month plan lets you buy any jewellery or gold coin even if the gold price is at its peak.

Swarna Laksita

Save today and Buy Later with our Swarna Laksita Gold Saving Scheme. You can save by paying monthly from Rs 500 to Rs 10000 for 12 months and can buy our gold jewellery for your savings.

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