The management of Sree Thangam Jewellery is happy to provide secured shipping to the customers for the purchased orders within the geographical boundary of India. The operations team and their associates strive in ensuring the delivery is made accurately in perfect condition and on time. At present the delivery is available in selected towns/cities. However, on demand of customer, with an additional shipping charge, shipment can be made for other cities or interior part of some cities. For some parts of the city, customer may have to visit the courier office to collect the shipments. Do confirm it with Sree Thangam The user must provide the full name (as provided in proof), full address in detail, contact number of the recipient (user). The proof of recipient is verified with government approved identity proof.

Delivery Schedule

Sree Thangam Jewellery aims to deliver the shipments in 7 to 21 working days, subject to the availability (Refer ’Product Availability’ section) of the products in the showrooms or at warehouse or in the factory. There may be some delay which may take more than 7 to 21 working days to procure or to design. In such case, the customer will be promptly communicated and made aware of the situation. Delivery guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions of the shipping agent or the courier company. Any inaccuracy in the name or address or inconsistency of the recipient’s presence during delivery shall result in non delivery of the product. Estimated duration for delivery indicated in Terms and Conditions commence from the date of dispatch and are for guidance purpose only and may vary invariably. The order will be processed to shipping only after the credit/debit card number given/provided is approved by the bank.

Shipment Procedure

The shipment shall be delivered only to the specified delivery address confirmed by the user. Customers have the option of changing the delivery address any number of times before the order is processed for shipment. Once the shipment is processed, neither the specified receiver of the delivery nor the specified address for delivery shall be changed. Any number of products ordered for a single delivery address will be bundled together and shipped as single shipment.

In case of shipping the ’gifts’, the beneficiary must produce their proof of identification recognized as identification proof by the Government of India. Signature of the recipient is considered as acknowledgment and for verification.

The support team of Sree Thangam Jewellery may contact you to confirm your address, availability etc before shipping the product. The shipment can be tracked by the customer by checking with the courier agent. We are not responsible for any delays caused by courier agencies and/or due to time required for statutory clearances during the delivery process.

Force Majeure

Any delay or failure in the delivery hereunder shall be excused and Sree Thangam Jewellery  Ltd is not responsible if and to the extent caused by the occurrence of a Force Majeure. For purposes of this Agreement, Force Majeure shall mean a cause or event that is not reasonably foreseeable or otherwise caused by or under the control of the Parties (includes Sree Thangam and courier company) claiming Force Majeure, including miraculous acts of God, natural disasters or emergencies like fires, floods, explosions, riots, wars, hurricane, sabotage terrorism, vandalism, accident, restraint of government, governmental acts or parliamentary restrictions, prohibitions, any enactments on import or export regulation or regulations on exchanges foreign as well as domestic, injunctions, or unavailability to transit, labour strikes, other than those of Seller, the Sree Thangam Jewellery Jewellery or its Courier agent, that prevent us from delivering the materials and other like events that are beyond the reasonable anticipation and control of the company affected thereby, despite such company’s reasonable efforts to prevent, avoid, delay, or mitigate the effect of such acts, events or occurrences, and which events or the effects thereof are not attributable to a failure to deliver its obligations under this Agreement.

Return Shipments

If you suspect that the shipment delivered to you to be ’not in good condition’ or ’attempted for tampering’ or if the package of shipment is tampered, you shall refuse to acknowledge the receipt and return the same before accepting the shipped package.

In case, the authorized recipient is unavailable to receive and acknowledge the package, the courier agent may try to deliver twice after the first delivery as per their policy. If the recipient didn’t receive in all the three attempts, the package will be shipped back to the office of Sree Thangam Jewellery Jewellery Ltd and all the cost incurred through the shipment shall be borne by the customer along with the handling charges. The customer shall also bear the shipping charges when shipped again. Refer ’Cancellation Terms’ section if in case the customer cancels after the failed delivery.


Sree Thangam  Jewellery takes special care in packaging user’s precious purchase. The jewels purchased are secured in a shockproof metal box, layered with durable and tamper proof seal from TMJL. Every packing is video covered for security reason. If user requests for special gift pack, Sree Thangam will gift wrap it along with the words you wish your recipient to receive.


Users will be informed if their order is aborted or cancelled either partially or fully and the company may request for additional information if required. Cancellation of order shall happen either by the customer or by the company.

Cancellation from Customer

To cancel an order you have to send cancellation notice via email only mentioning the Order Id. User can cancel the order for any genuine reason at any time regardless of the shipment status. Customized jewels shall not be entertained for cancellation before or after delivery. We reserve the right to accept or reject requests for order cancellations for any reason.

The user agrees not to dispute the decision made by us and accepts our decision as final, in this regard. As part of usual business practice, if we receive a cancellation notice the full invoice value will be refunded to you to the same bank account through cheque or internet banking from where the payment was originally effected.

Cancellation by Company

Situation may arise that Sree Thangam may not be in a position to accept an order and hence left with no other alternative except cancellation. Sree Thangam Jewellery reserves sole discretionary right to refuse or cancel an order for any reason which the management considers appropriate. Few of the situations that lead to the cancellation of your order includes the unavailability of the product, problems identified by credit and fraudulence investigation of fraud avoidance department, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information etc,.

If the order is cancelled by the company, after your credit/debit card is charged or if payment is processed through internet banking, the charged /paid amount will be refunded back to the same account. The cancellation of the order may be either in full or partial(cases where you purchased more than an item and purchase of one item is cancelled by the company) and the information about cancellation will be informed to the customer and, if required, TMJL shall clarify the required information.


Sree Thangam Jewellery reserves every right and shall reclaim the product cost, processing charges, shipping cost, legal expenses and other such cost from the user who is involved in a fraudulent transaction.

Legal Actions

Any user who breaches the terms and conditions or involves in any credit/debit card or internet banking scam or considered to violate any act considered as violation of Indian Contract Act, 1872 shall face the consequence legally under similar acts applicable. Legal proceedings shall be initiated against the user who is involved in such fraudulent transaction or any unlawful act.


Sree Thangam Jewellery reserves and holds all the rights of the contents on the website. The content(s) of the website, including texts, design(s), photograph(s), model(s), trademark(s) etc are the intellectual property of Sree Thangam Jewellery and shall not be copied, edited, modified, misused, repositioned, translated or transcribed, rented or sold by any means.

Usage of the content(s) or service(s) shall not be displayed, utilized in any way other than personal viewing, either for commercial or non –commercial purpose. Kindly do check Copyrights and Trademark section.

Sree Thangam Jewellery holds non exclusive, royalty – free and irrevocable rights to use, modify, adapt, translate, create derivative works, publish, display, distribute the contents of the users or members such as feedback, comments, mails etc.

Website Contents

Without any limitations, the texts, the images and all other content that includes the corporate logo, the photographs, models, audio, video, the ’look and feel’ of the website, the color texture and coordination, the graphics, the software, the database, the user interface, the Graphical User Interface, promotional files such as images, audio tunes, video files, the designs, along with product designs and thereof shall collectively be called the ’website content’. The ’website content’ is a creative work of Sree Thangam Jewellery’s vendors, and corporate associates. Any resemblance of the content with others is unintentional and co-incidental.

Third Party Content

In the website of, users may find few links leading to ’third party’ websites. It could be advertisement, commercial or informational websites.

However, Sree doesn’t endorse the content of those sites for its accuracy, legitimacy or genuineness. The user alone is responsible for the consequences that may arise as a result of trusting those third party content.

Ownership of Content, Copyrights and Trademark

Sree Thangam Jewellery is entitled to ownership of ’Website Content’ as defined in the passages ’Website Content & Feedbacks, Reviews and Customer Interaction’. Sree Thangam Jewellery shall be considered as the owner of social media page of and shall be considered as owner for these contents and also reserves right over the member’s feedback, suggestion, complaints.

This content shall not be published, displayed, distributed, transferred, modified, plagiarized, sold or exploited in any way either partly or fully . All software used in the website is property of www.Sree Thangam or their vendors and under copyrights protection act of India or Indian copyrights Act (ICA) and other applicable laws and are protected by Indian and international copyrights law.


Sree Thangam Jewellery is interested in connecting with customers and constantly promoting the satisfaction of its customers by being receptive to their suggestions and feedbacks. Feel free to contact our office if you require any clarification regarding the Terms and Conditions or about the website and its contents. Our team will eagerly respond to your queries.

Electronic Communications

Communication with Sree Thangam may be carried out through email or SMS or telephone. The mail ID & toll free number can be conspicuously seen in the header or footer sections of the website. The customer support personnel shall be available from 10 am to 7 pm Indian Standard Time (GMT +5.30 Hrs). Customer support or sales support staff are capable of educating the user on the product or terms and conditions when inquired.

Feedbacks, Reviews and Customer Interaction

User can also connect with us and share their shopping experience on our website www.Sree Thangam or in social media. To get regular updates and news feeds about Sree Thangam Jewellery, please “Like” our Facebook page Thangam Jewellery. User may give feedback on the products or services of TMJL or share their reviews on discussion forum. Users who provide feedback or review or participate in customer interaction sections or pages agree that they refrain from posting, uploading, distributing, storing any content/text/picture/video/audio or manipulate any existing web content or other user content that may be considered as unlawful, unethical, obscene, explicit, suggestive, of pornographic nature or threatening or intruding privacy or harassing, abusive or cheating etc to or its social network page.

Users shall also desist from posting any content that are intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, business process, patents or trade secrets of others or any third party. They shall never indulge in any unsolicited campaign like marketing or promotional or political campaign of any kind. They should never post any links or contents that are harmful to the website users like virus, spy wares, or destructive files. assumes no responsibility over the user comment or interactions on any of its interactive pages. shall not owe an answer to any of the user’s comment and may or may not remove the user or user’s comments. User is solely responsible for such comments, reviews, suggestions, feedback, ideas posted, submitted or disclosed (shall be defined as interactions) to reserves exclusive rights for all the content (interactions) as the user agrees to a royalty free, irrevocable and fully licensable right and SreeThangamJewellery shall in anyway use it either for commercial or other way and is entitled to use, edit, modify, create, recreate, or create derivative work, adapt and publish, promote, market, distribute or display it through any media any where in the world.


You agree to defend STJ, its management, directors, employees, consultants, agents, shareholders regarding the content posted on the interactive pages from and against any claims and expenses that may also include legal actions, for your violation against any party and against the Terms and Conditions of the STJ.